Saturday, January 31, 2009


Happy Valentines Day!

My niece just turned four months old. We took these photos in our Studio Located in Sebastopol.
Selina Florence Ficco!

My Home!

The Labrador Retriever Photos where taken at his home in Forestville.

For the Month of February we are offering NO SITTING FEE Charge for adult Dogs and Puppies. Please call us at 707-823-6537

For The Love Of:

Boston Terriers have lots of Energy and have wonderful personality's. When photographing them you get lots of different expressions and they don't sit still very long.

Puppy Love

We Photographed this puppy at Sova Gardens In Sebastopol. He had lots of energy and it took three of us to get these great photos of him. Myself taking the photo, One person to hold the light shade and his owner by his side setting up the pose.


Please Can I have Some!

With the Beautiful Weather we have been having, I have been busy photographing outside in the Mustard Fields.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kristie and Dave

Kristie and Dave soon will have a new born baby in March. Thank You for letting me share this moment with you. Your pictures will be a memory that will last forever in Kadens first baby album.

In My Home!

I Love Photographing Dogs In Their Own Home. This was a fun photoshoot. Thank You Jamie Mickelson for having us come over and capture some adorable photos of your dog!

The Dog was great to Photograph.